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By Judy Carr-Sandham, November 2001

Enjoyed Neigh the Front immensely -- so many memories! Keep up the good work.

We moved onto Cree in June 1950. We have seen many changes. I attended Halbert for only Kindergarten -- when it was held in Cliffcrest Church. I, too, had Mrs. Cox as my teacher.

Afterwards I went to school at the Convent as my family is Catholic. I walked up and down that tree-lined laneway many many times. When I drive along Cathedral Bluffs now, I try to go back in my memory to that pleasant place. The Convent was very unique and it is too bad that there is so little history written about it. After it was closed, my family and another family took a few photos -- I'm sure glad we have those.

The "Hugh" mentioned in Neigh the Front was Mr. O'Prey. He lived near "14" (Stop 14) and also did janitorial work at St. Theresa's. I can remember great excitement one day when Mr. O'Prey was killing the chickens. We students sure weren't allowed over there but the chicken coop is still vivid in my mind. Great excitement too when the barn burnt down.

Although I didn't attend Halbert, my best friends were Judy Gazley, Suzanne Alton and Penny Dibble -- so I certainly knew many of the Halbert kids.

A few quick memories...

  • Going to (stop) "17" for just about everything -- from thread to winter boots -- at Clark's Department Store.

  • Mrs. Parkes was the Crossing Guard on McCowan for the Halbert kids and Mrs. Robichaud helped us cross the busy Kingston Road at "19". They lived beside each other on McCowan Road.

  • My Dad bringing home a Christmas tree from the Church. There was no one there to pay -- so he gave the money to Mr. Gazley.

  • When we first moved in there were no TTC buses. My Dad worked downtown, so he waved down the Gray Coach bus on Kingston Road.

  • The skating rink at Halbert.

  • The Oxtoby boy tragically being killed by lightning one night -- I had just left the park.

  • Teen years -- the coffee house in the Church on Friday nights.


From The Scarboro Heights Record V10 #1