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Bringing Society and Engineering
to a Closer Mutual Understanding

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Decision-Making for Engineers

Communication is certainly a core value for everyone in society, including engineers. In many cases the mere analysis and summary of a situation can make the difference between "good judgement" and "poor judgement".

How can engineers improve their decision-making in a situation? In fundamental terms, it comes down to:

  • valid interpretation of many unordered inputs

  • processing the acceptable inputs according to reasonable protocol

  • outputting -- writing -- argument, conclusions and recommendations in a more useful presentation

Of course, for the purposes of engineering decision-making, the "more useful presentation" must clearly go to the heart of the technical matter. In other words, the "writing" is key. A poorly written argument will convince no one of the dangers of a particular path of action.

Lesson Plan
Information Processing
Engineers and the Social Sciences

This Lesson Plan for information processing uses local history as a catalyst -- in particular, how writing can be used as a very critical element in the learning and decision-making processes. Although intended primarily for senior high school students, I can adapt the lesson plan for an "Engineers and the Social Sciences" evening course.

My Information Processing program begins at this Educational Resource.