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Trillium Award
By Roger Clarke, March 2001

My parents settled in Birchcliff in 1920. I attended Birchliff School from 1932 to 1940. Miss Treloar -- later to become H.A. Halbert’s first principal -- was a teacher at Birchcliff during my time there. My wife and I moved into 41 McCowan Road in June 1954.

While our son, Bob, attended Halbert (1967-1976), the government supplied tree seedlings to the students. Bob planted the trees in our backyard. This got him interested in horticulture and he later went to the University of Guelph. Our entire property is now gardens -- front and back. He won the Trillium Award in 1991 and his gardens were on the Scarborough Horticulture Tour in 1994.

Our other son, Brian, attended Halbert from 1961-1669. In 1970 he was on the Halbert Pool Medley Swim Team that won the All-Scarborough Championship at Heron Park. Other members of the team were Dave Smith, Rob Katsuno and Gord Skinner.

In about 1968, Scarborough wanted to expand Halbert park to the west by taking several yards from the adjoining properties along McCowan Road -- the residents got that stopped! The old farm fence between our properties and the park was replaced in 1985 by a new eight foot fence. Mrs. McCormick had approached Councillor Ashton on the matter.

From The Scarboro Heights Record V9 #2