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Scottish Diaspora Tapestry


In “We’re Not Here to Put in Time” there flourishes the same commendable Boswellian impulse to record the achievement of the work that has been -- to commemorate it, to preserve it, and to perpetuate the deep and enduring human values of discipline, dedication, creativity, and the affection that fueled it.
         Gordon Turnbull, General Editor, The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell


We’re Not Here to put in Time gives us the authentic voice of real people -- how they lived, what they did, how they felt, their sorrows and joys and hopes and fears.

Peter Aitchison, Director of Communications at the University of Glasgow


We’re Not Here to Put in Time shines a light on some oft-forgotten underpinnings of what has made Toronto a civil society, namely the ceaseless labour of hard-working people who created what many might take for granted.
         Chris Chandler, Executive Officer, Toronto Teachers’ Bargaining Unit, OSSTF


Mr. McCowan’s “twelve laws of learning” clearly originate from what this book entails and we used all 12 in the Thinking like Murdoch project and the presentation we gave at the PEO Education Conference. Altogether these 12 laws of learning, in my opinion, should be used by all teachers.
         Mymoon Bhuiyan, former SATEC student


As a result, I’ve come to the conclusion that Work Ethic = Hard Work + Diligence + Commitment.  But on second thought, Work Ethic might just = Mr. McCowan.
         Neveathan Jeyachandran (Grade 9, SATEC, 2018)


We’re Not Here to Put in Time is about character....  If we choose and follow the best role models, we will improve ourselves and, generation by generation, our society as a whole.  I think that’s a lesson we can learn from the history of the Scots of Scarborough.   
George Comrie, P.Eng., CMC, FEC, Past President, Professional Engineers Ontario


The discussion around the innovative Ayr Academy highlights the emphasis Scots of the time placed upon education and the impressive list of accomplishments and positions, professional and otherwise, held by various McCowans along the way, show just how worthwhile an education can turn out to be.
         Mary Free, ACIA, ASA


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