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Our Evolving Relationship with the Land

Our relationship with the land -- that is, real property -- is constantly evolving.  While the title of this page, "Tenant Structure", might sound a touch impersonal, this is precisely the type of information that socio-economic planners must look at to make decisions for the betterment of the community. Similarly, landowners will take snapshots of the uses of their property and effect changes in an attempt to maximize their future returns from their property. 

The period of the most profound landuse change in history is the "Agricultural Revolution". This revolution occured at slightly different times in different areas of course. In the book, Catching Up With the Market Economy, it is shown that a particular estate was several decades behind other parts of the Scottish lowlands in this respect. Here is an introduction to a snapshot of one aspect of landuse in 1817 -- what types of people were living on the estate at that time.

The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #2


Stockbriggs Estate, Lesmahagow
ca 1817

Family histories of the tenants listed in the Rentals in Table One could provide us with some clues as to the extent of late eighteenth century agricultural re-organization on Stockbriggs Estate in Lesmahagow Parish, Lanarkshire.

The family groupings in Table Two should not be interpreted as family lineage. We are only attempting to discover trends in the tenant structure at the time of litigation, 1817-1821. (Some apparent trends are indicated by the various headings in the Table.) Unfortunately, detailed Stockbriggs family histories (other than a genealogical sheet on the Wharries and the author's research into the McCowans) were not available to the author: such genealogical studies would probably be of some benefit in tracing the evolving relationship between people and the land in the Upper Nethan valley. Some occurences in the Coalburn area (slightly to the east) for the surnames of interest have not been included in Table Two. It must be remembered that several of the surnames in Table Two were very common in Lesmahagow Parish, particularly Brown and Greenshields.

In Table Two, we are only concerned with the families who were listed as tenants during that period of litigation, 1817-1821 (see Table One). Many other families had also lived on Stockbriggs estate at various times for various durations and in various roles. In particular, farm labourers and coalminers on the estate, 1817-1821, are not shown in Table Two.

"Ten" indicates "Tenant" and "Pro" indicates "Proprietor". If known, other occupation is shown (Frmr=Farmer, Serv=Servant, Ind=Independent, Mas=Mason, Wver=Weaver). Sources for the information are shown in the Notes at the end of the Table.

Table Two
The Tenant Structure, ca 1817




Residence / Stockbriggs Holding



Farms: Resident on the Estate During Period of Litigation, ca 1817: Longstanding Stockbriggs Area Connection


John McWharrie   Stockbriggs 1643 1A
Thomas McWharrie Pro Scorrieholm 1673 1B
William McWharrie 1666-1755 Ten Over Auchanbeg 1695 2, 3
William Mc Ten Meadow 1695 3
Thomas Mc Pro Scorrieholm 1722 1
Thomas Wharrie   Auchanbeg 1732 4
William Wharrie   Bankend 1769 4
Thomas   Cumberhead 1778 4
Thomas   Craighead 1783 5
Thomas Ten Stockbridge 1797 6
Will Ten Craighead 1797 6
"Widow Wharrie" Ten Part of Auchanbeg 1817 7A, 8A
Will Ten Part of Auchanbeg 1817 8A
William 1769-1833 Ten Craighead 1817 2, 7, 8A
"Widow Wharrie" Ten Part of Auchanbeg 1821 7A
William Ten Craighead 1821 7
William   Auchanbeg 1821 9
William   Craighead 1821 9
William b1776   Auchanbeg 1828 4A, 2
Thomas 1803-87 Ten Dalquhandy 1835 2, 10A
William 1801-84 Frmr Dalquhandy 1841 2, 11A

Pate / Pait / Peat

John Pate Pro Foulfoord 1691 12A
"Pate's Kiln"     18th c 13
George Pate Ten Scorryholm 1753 14
James Pate   Whiteside 1796 5A
John Peat Ten Meadow Pre 1817 15
William Pate Ten Meadow 1817 7
Thomas 1761-1844 Ten Yondertown 1817 7, 18
William Ten Meadow 1821 7
Thomas Ten Yondertown 1821 7
William   Meadow 1821 9
Thomas   Yondertown 1821 9
William Ten Cleughbrae 1832 10
Thomas Ten Yondertown 1832 10
John   Cleughbrae 1840 5
William Frmr Cleughbrae 1841 11
Thomas Pate Frmr Yondertown 1841 11B


William Kikwood   Yondertown 1706 4
John Kirkwood Ten Holmhead 1756 17
Will Ten Holmhead 1797 6
William Ten Holmhead 1817 7
John Ten Holmhead 1821 7, 18A
John   Holmhead 1821 9
John   Holmhead 1824 4


James Hodge Ten Greenfaulds 1755 17
James   Greenfaulds 1765 5
James   Meadow 1788 4
James Ten Meadow 1797 6
James Ten Over Stockbriggs Pre 1817 8B
Mrs. Hodge   Whiteside 1821 9
Widow Hodge     1832 5

River Pastures: Generally Non-Resident, ca1817, But Living Locally: Longstanding Stockbriggs Connection


James Gilkerson Wver Hutlingslack 1695 3A
Andrew Gilkerson   Greenfaulds 1734 4
Thomas Gilkerson Wver Auchanbeg 1775 4
William Gilkerson Mas Whiteside 1779 4
Thomas   Stockbridge 1794 4
James Ten Kentholm 1817 7
James Ten Kentholm 1821 7B
James   Kent 1821 9
George   Kent 1832 14


Thomas Brown Pro Cleughbrae 1729-86 19
John Brown Frmr Yondertown 1771 4
James Brown Frmr Yondertown 1778 4
William Brown   Greenfaulds 1779 4
John (as in 1771)   Cleughbrae 1780 4
Will Ten Cleughbrae 1797 6
James Ten Yondertown 1797 6
Thomas   Auchanbeg 1817 4B
Thomas Ten Rougholm 1817 7
Thomas Ten Rougholm 1821 7
Thomas   Porterhall 1821 9A
William   Stockbriggs 1820 4
William Ten Whiteside 1835 10
William Frmr Whiteside 1841 11C

Farms: Resident on the Estate ca 1817: Some Earlier Connection With Stockbriggs Area


M Sadler, servant to W. Weir Serv Cumberhead 1764 14
William Saddler "and others" Ten Upper Stockbriggs 1817 7C
Margaret Ten Whitesidehill 1817 7C


Robert Wilson   Cumberhead 1708 4
Mary, wife of R Meikle   Yondertown 1787 4
James Wilson Ten Whitesidehill 1818 7
James Ten Whitesidehill 1821 7
James   Whitesidehill 1821 9A
Hugh Wilson   Meadow 1830 4
Hugh   Meadow 1836 20

Farms: Non-Resident on the Estate ca 1817, But Living Very Locally: Some Earlier Connection With Stockbriggs Area


Margaret   Holmhead 1775  
Lilias, wife of J Fairservice Pro Meadow 1769-78 4
Robert Fleming   Waterside 1781 5A
John Fleming   Auchren 1817 7D
John 1777-1825 Ten Upper Stockbriggs 1818 7D, 18
John Ten Upper Stockbriggs 1821 7D, 18
John   Upper Stockbriggs 1821 9
William Fleming, 1772-1836 Frmr Stockbriggs 1836 18


Janet   Overstockbridges 1780 5
John Haddow Ten Cumberhead 1797 6
Adam 1740-1812 Ten Cumberhead 1812 18
William Haddow "and others" Ten Todlaw (Greenfaulds) 1817 7
William   Cummerhead 1821 9B
James Haddow   Whitesidehill 1829 4
James   Craighead 1832 4
James Frmr Craighead 1841 11D

Farms: Non-Resident on the Estate ca 1817: Held Farms Elsewhere in the Parish

(See also Below)

John Greenshields   Crawhills 1817 7D
John Ten Todlaw (Greenfaulds) 1818 7D
John Ten Todlaw (Greenfaulds) 1821 7D
John   Crawhills 1821 9C
John   Todlaw 1821 9C
James Greenshields Pro Crawhills 1832 10

Pastures Near Mansion House: Non-Resident on the Estate ca 1817: Held Farms Elsewhere in the Parish

(Incomer to the Parish: From Morton, Dumfriesshire)

William Harrison Ten Cow Park 1817 7
William   Midtown 1821 9D
William Ten Hill 1832 10

(See also Above)

Janet, wife of George Pate in (Ten) Scorryholm 1753 14
Margaret, wife of T. Brown of (Pro) Cleughbrae 1766 5B
Thomas Greenshields Pro Whiteside 1770 21
James   Whiteside 1775 5
Thomas Pro Overwhiteside 1792 18B
James   Westerhouse 1817 7D
James Ten Holm Park 1817 7D
James   Westerhouse 1821 9
James Pro Westerhouse 1831 18

Pastures Near Mansion House: Non-Resident on the Estate ca 1817 But Living Locally: Longstanding Connection with Stockbriggs Area


William Peacock Ten Nether Skellyhill 1751 14
William Ten Nether Skelliehill 1755 17
William Ten Skellyhill 1789 1
Thomas Peacock Ten Allans Croft 1817 7D
Thomas Ten Skellyhill 1817 7D
Thomas   Skellyhill 1821 9E
Thomas Ten O & S Auchtygemmell 1822 22
Thomas Ind Middleholm 1841 11E

Farms (and Coalworks): Resident on the Estate 1817: Incomers to the Parish


Walter Gowans Ten Cleughbrae 1817 7E

McCowan (From Cumnock)

James McCowan Ten Auchanbeg Coalworks 1800 23
James Ten Part of Auchanbeg 1817 7F
James Ten Auchanbeg Coalworks 1818 7G
James   Auchanbeg 1821 9F
James Ten East Auchanbeg 1831 24

Johnston (From Cumnock)

William Johnston Ten Cleughbrae 1818 7
Muir Johnston Ten Auchanbeg Coalworks 1819 7G
Muir Ten Auchanbeg Coalworks 1821 7
Muir   Auchanbeg 1821 9A
William Ten Cleughbrae 1821 7
William   Cleughbrae 1821 9
William   Cleughbrae 1826 4
Muir   Auchanbeg 1829 4

The Mansion House: Gentleman: Incomer to the Parish


William Cruden Ten Stockbriggs Mansion 1819-20 7


From Catching Up With the Market Economy
The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #2

The above table is based on a snapshot taken in 1817 of the tenants on Stockbriggs estate. Of particular note is the fact that the Fairservice family -- of long-standing Stockbriggs connection -- were not tenants in 1817. However, and more importantly, the Fairservices had previously been owners of Meadow farm, 1769-78 at least. The story of this "bonnet laird" family has been researched by Robin Fairservice (R&B.Fairservice@telus.net). Robin has kindly provided the following summary...