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Whereas the milk marketing board movement in Ontario was founded by dairy farmers of Scarborough on April 18 1892, we the undersigned friends and residents of Scarborough hereby petition the Dairy Farmers of Ontario to support the Janet McCowan Fincham Memorial Scarborough Community Studies Program.

To add your name to our petition, please copy / paste it into an email and send it to the email address on our Contacts page. Just a  few of the 200 or so names gathered in the past few months are below.

Aitchison, P.
Anastasiades, L.
Barrett, L.
Calder, M.
Cassell, A.
Cooper, R.
Cooper, T.
Handelis, N.
Hum, P.
Humphrey, B.
Ingram, R.
Jarvis, S.
Lavictoire, M.
Lawrie, M.
Leggat, A.
McCallum, E.
McCowan, D.
McCowan, D.B.
McCowan, P.
McGyn, J.
Menzel, E.
Neely, D.
Nilsen, R.
Phillips, A.
Phillips, G.
Quinn, R.
Rogers, E.
Roz, P.
Schreiber, D.
Scott, R.
Scott, S.
Stephens, M.
Tanguay, J.