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Doris McCarthy

  • First woman President of the Ontario Society of Artists
  • Order of Canada
  • Order of Ontario
  • Honorary Fellowship to the Ontario College of Art and Design
  • Three Honorary Doctorates
  • The first Artist of Honour at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection
  • Respected mentor and teacher

Need I say more? But there is more.

In 1999 Doris McCarthy donated her property on the Scarborough Bluffs beside Gates Gully, together with an endowment for it's maintenance, to the people of Ontario. Her work has inspired generations of Canadian artists. Some day, her home will be a studio for others who will strive to emulate her amazing touch and vision. The Ontario Heritage Foundation has the task of ensuring that her gift is profoundly appreciated and that her work will be embedded in Canadian culture forever.

Doris is one of many who made Scarboro Heights a great place to live.

The Scarboro Heights Record V10 #8