Marlow and Pollocks' Horses
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My family moved to South View (Fenwood Heights Blvd) in 1950 and by 1951 I was attending Fairmount School. The cow-path from Scarborough Heights was our route to school, with the farm fields to the south and the Convent to the North. Will never forget the barn and the hen house and the farmer chasing us -- and the sad day the barn burnt down.

We all learned to ice skate on the frozen ponds off a cinder path now called Cathedral Bluffs Blvd.

Riding the Pollocks horses (remember Pollocks shoe stores?) early in the morning from their barn to a field across the road on Pine Ridge is another favourite memory. Marlow was the grounds-keeper but was very kind to all the kids and we just raced to be first to take the horses out to the fields.

Thanks for allowing me to express my childhood memories.

Great site.

Paul Sloggett


From The Scarboro Heights Record V10 #1