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BBC-Radio Scotland's three part series, the Lowland Clearances, includes a partial track, sung by Rob Wakelin, of an old song by Sandy Glendinning from Dumfriesshire. Not clear in the track is that the song was called "Awa wi' Scarboro's Muddy Creeks".

Awa wi' Scarboro's Muddy Creeks

Awa wi' Scarboro's muddy creeks,
And Scarboro's fields o' pine;
Your land o' wheat's a goodly land
But yet it isna mine.
The heathy hill, the grassie dale,
The daisie-spangled lea,
The trottin' burn and craggie lin,
Auld Scotland's glens gie me.

O, I wad like to hear again
The lark on Tinnis Hill,
And see the wee bit gowanie
That blooms beside the rill.
Like banish'd Swiss, who views afar
His Alps wi' langin' ee,
I look unto the morning star,
He shines on my countrie.

Nae mair I'll won by Eskdale Pen,
And Pentland's craggy cone;
The days can ne'er come back again
Of twenty years agone.
But fancy oft, at midnight hour,
Will steal across the sea;
Yestreen, amid a pleasing dream,
I saw the auld countrie.

Each well-known scene that met my view
Brought childhood's joys to min';
The blackbird sang in Fushie lin
The sang he sang langsyne
But like a dream, time flees away;
Again the morning came,
And I awoke in Canada,
Four thousand miles frae hame.

The Scarboro Heights Record V12 #3