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Work Horses

Roup of some work horses and mares belonging to the right honourable The Earl of Dumfries & Stair the 13th of February 1767

The gray mare to Doctor Johnston in Cumnock 3:16:-
The rampur Horse to Hugh McGawn in Mauchline 13:16:-
The stalion to William Farquhar in Auchincross 5:4:-
The lively Horse to Hugh Brown Carrior in Cumnock 9:12:-
The Black Jock Horse to John Sutherland, Merchant 10:12:-
The Sly mare to William McCowan, Post 10:12:-
The ranger mare to John Samson in Ochiltree 10:-:-
The old stock mare to Archibald Steel in Catrine Miln 3:11:-
The old beauty mare to William Wilson in Bowhouse 3:18:-
The afs to James Gibb in Auchinleck -:4:6

This roup bill is attested by Robt Paterson

The above sum was payed to John Ross upon the sabbath following the roup, my Lord having sent for it.

Scarboro Heights Record, V11 #4