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At the inaugural meeting of the Scarborough Subscription Library on April 7 1834, the following were in attendance: R.D. Hamilton M.D. (elected President); Robert Hamilton (Vice-President); William Elliot (Treasurer); Archibald Glendinning (Secretary); James A. Thomson (Librarian); Rev. James George; Thomas Paterson; Andrew Johnston; William Glendinning; Simeon Thomson; Francis Johnston; William D. Thomson; John Thom; John Gibson; S. Cornell; Christopher Thomson; J. Brownlie; William Forfar Jun.; William Paterson; George Scott; David Brown; Thomas Brown; William Hood; John Muir; Adam Bell; John Stobo; Dr. D. Graham; J. Davidson; J. Findlay; John Elliot; John Tingle; Alex Jackson; Andrew Paterson; Thomas Whiteside; John Martin; George Thomson; John Glendinning; John Thornbeck; Daniel Ferguson; Marshal Macklin; Robert Tackett; William Crone; T. Walton Sen.; William Findlay; William Scott and J. Carmichael.

Here's our theory for the inspirational moment that sparked the creation of the first library in Scarborough...

The Scarboro Heights Record V13 #1