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Your Community In a World History Context

Entry Form

Your Community In a World History Context

Entry Form

Entry Form
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I wish to enter the "Your Community In a World History Context" competition.   In my essay, I will discuss the impact of the agricultural revolution in Lowland Scotland on the development of rural Scottish communities in pre-Confederation Canada. I will use relevant pages on www.scarboroughrecord.com and the bibliographical sources listed on www.mccowan.org/james4.htm as my principle resources. I understand that my essay may be edited and published, with credit, by the James McCowan Memorial Social History Initiative or by the Scarboro Heights Record in either print or on-line format at www.scarboroughrecord.com.

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The above student will receive some academic credit for the essay and the essay will be graded accordingly.

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Please mail a hard copy of this completed form to: The James McCowan Memorial Social History Initiative, c/o 19 Monarchwood Cres., Don Mills, Ontario, Canada, M3A 1H3, 416-447-4895.


The Scarboro Heights Record V11 #10