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Bruce McCowan, P.Eng.
19 Monarchwood Cres., Don Mills, Ont., M3A1H3

I am working on a unit outline which very nicely engages all of design, manufacturing, construction and communication technologies. This unit covers the following:

  • the coming shortage of natural resources and the need for "re-use"
  • timber construction
  • stability of structures (and a little stress analysis)
  • functionality and fitness for purpose of structures
  • economic usefulness and value
  • the benefits of re-usability of certain materials
  • new product needs assessment
  • product marketing and market testing
  • product design (and design for assembly)
  • standards
  • safety
  • prototyping and design validation
  • testing and quality assurance
  • tolerance and tolerance stack-up
  • jig fabrication
  • package design (for marketing and product integrity)
  • producing written assembly instructions (with illustrations)
  • producing attractive metal nameplates briefly telling the story of each cabinet.

Funding is an issue in education ... so... I actually have the materials available (at no cost) for the students to build and market some very interesting and functional cabinets. Proceeds from the sale of the cabinets would go toward buying shop materials.

The Scarboro Heights Record   V13 #3