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Bill McCowan's
Timber Salvage

I've heard that government has over-estimated the quantity of timber that is “ready for harvest” and under-estimated the quantity of timber that becomes available by natural causes, that is, "falls down" without human involvement. Doesn't surprise me from what I've seen.

Tornados, micro-bursts, extreme wind storms -- they seem to be happening more and more often right here in southern Ontario. No idea why -- global warming, climate change?  Regardless, I've experienced some hard evidence -- two tornados right through our property at Rice Lake and another tornado 20 feet from the cottage north of Plevna. And trees here in Pickering just fall over when their time is up -- the high water table may explain some of that.

So I bought a Wood-Mizer sawmill to make better use of fallen timbers -- real shame to let these perfectly good logs just rot on the ground. Strikes me that I'm doing the right thing to salvage lumber or reclaim timber, whatever your preferred terminology.

With my Wood-Mizer I can cut strips down to 1/8" thick and even thinner. And "rough-sawn" is actually pretty smooth using my Wood-Mizer. I slowly air-dry my lumber for at least a year.

I sell my lumber for, generally, about $1 per board foot -- rough-sawn and air-dried. But call me for custom sizing, pricing and delivery of the species that you'd like -- 905-683-4270. 

I typically have stock in many of the great Ontario tree species ...



Good For

Cherry, Black Furniture and cabinet work, decorative treatments -- strong, moderately hard
Basswood Hand-carving, modelling, interior trim, food containers -- light, easy to work
Maple Furniture, veneer, vehicle frames -- strong, hard and wear-resistant
Hemlock, Eastern Boxes, crates, railway ties, general construction -- coarse texture, harder than most softwoods
Beech Flooring, furniture, vehicle stock, handles, woodenware, filtering of vinegar -- hard and strong
Ash, White Skis, baseball bats, tool handles, bentwood construction, vehicle frames -- tough and resilient
Poplar Veneer, matches, boxes, pulp -- light and soft
Spruce, White Construction lumber, musical instrument sound boards -- good resonance and resilience
Pine, White Furniture, pattern stock, hand-carving -- easily worked, even-textured
Birch, Yellow Flooring, furniture, veneer, railway ties, vehicle stock -- hard, moderately strong
Ironwood Tool handles, vehicle stock -- extremely hard and tough


Here are prices for some stock items:


Basswood Strips in Packages of 100 (24 Inches Long)

3/16" x 3/16" -- $30.00 / package of 100

1/4" x 1/4" -- $33.00 / package of 100

5/16" x 5/16" -- $35.00 / package of 100

3/8" x 3/8" -- $38.00 / package of 100

1/2" x 1/2" -- $41.00 / package of 100


Plain Rectangular Basswood Blocks 

2.0" x 2.5" x 12" -- $2.00 each in quantities of 20 or more


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